Meghan Markle Couldn’t Avoid Royal Duties When Son Archie Almost Caught Fire


With great power comes great responsibility; and no one would understand this better than members of the royal family, both working and estranged. The huge fame and fame that comes along with the royal family is also accompanied by a lot of responsibilities and strict protocols that you have to follow before even visiting yourself. Some, with such experience as Wales, continued to survive, while polar opposites from a distant country, the Sussex ones, especially Duchess Meghan Markle, fell away due to displacement. The result was complete chaos.

One of many such countless cases for the mother of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet was a heartbreaking, terrible experience for young parents. Speaking about the same thing on her award-winning podcast, Meghan Markle once told all about an accident during his early years in the royal family.

Last year, in their first episode of “Archetypes,” the Duchess of Sussex and her athlete friend Serena Williams broke down stereotypes related to the balance between work and family of a working woman. Speaking about the same, Markle spoke frankly about the incident with the fire in Prince Archie’s kindergarten. She spoke about her plight in a tense voice about how her royal duties took her away from such a large-scale incident involving his son.

While the Duke and Duchess were performing their royal duties, Prince Archie miraculously managed to avoid a deadly fire. Even after the fire broke out, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to go on another engagement. This was unacceptable to the Duchess’s mother. She was talking to her husband just to inform people. She desperately hoped that she could understand the importance of “human moments behind the scenes” and buy some time for her son.

However, nothing like this has ever happened. And they had to leave for another official engagement, leaving Prince Archie unattended.

Meghan Markle on exactly what happened during Prince Archie’s fire

It so happened that Meghan Markle and the Prince were busy in their work schedule with members of the royal family in Africa. Prince Archie returned to Cana with his nanny. One day it was around the time when the caretaker had to put the newborn prince to bed. However, fortunately, for some reason, she decided to go downstairs with the prince, and not directly to the nursery.

That’s when the room heater lit up. This was the place where baby Archie was supposed to sleep. The incidents shocked everyone, including Lauren herself, the nanny. The Duchess, as she admitted, was confused by what she heard. Nevertheless, she remained helpless because of her royal duties.

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