Meghan Markle continues the war against the paparazzi!


The paparazzi continue to play with his nerves. Meghan Markle, decided not to let it go, has not finished with them.

On trial against a paparazzi agency, Meghan Markle may not have finished with them. The former actress is not out of the woods!

Will Meghan Markle get rid of it? Not sure ! By relinquishing her royal duties, Prince Harry’s wife believed to regain her freedom.

Especially since the former Suits actress left the UK for the US. Near her mother, the pretty brunette also thought she was living in peace.

However, the Crown rebel never imagined going through hell. It’s quite simple: the young woman spends her days fighting against the paparazzi.

So Meghan Markle has decided not to let it go. Little Archie’s mom then sued them.

According to The Guardian, a hearing took place this Friday, December 18. Thus, “they have settled the legal claim they made earlier this year against paparazzi agency Splash UK.”

Thus, an agreement was found between the two lovebirds and Splash UK. The agency agrees “not to take any photos of the Duke, Duchess and their son in the future”.

So, the one who fled Buckingham Palace should have no problem anymore. “This agreement is a clear signal that the illegal, pervasive and intrusive behavior of the paparazzi will no longer be tolerated. ”


In fact, Meghan Markle had never been so serious. She will never let anything go to those who ruin her life!

“The couple take these issues seriously, as any family would,” their spokesperson said in the newspaper.

Then he added: “A concurrent and similar claim against Splash US, a subsidiary of Splash UK, is still pending in the UK court system. ”

It’s very simple, Meghan Markle is not kidding. All the more so when you tackle his little wonder, which is none other than Archie.


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