Meghan Markle can count on the unfailing support of this Harry Potter


Meghan Markle harassed by the media, a star of Harry Potter flies to her rescue! Targeted and harassed by the media, Meghan Markle can count on the unfailing support of this Harry Potter star!

Decidedly, the stars are sympathetic to the Duchess of Sussex. Lately, Kim Kardashian publicly supported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, then constantly under pressure from the media. Today is another celebrity who comes to support the royal couple and not least. It’s no secret that the Duke and Duchess have been struggling lately in the royal family and this pressure from the media does not help. If many people have trouble for Meghan and Harry, a new personality has just expressed in turn about the malaise of both spouses. Indeed, Daniel Radcliffe, star of Harry Potter, confided on this couple who softened him.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the 30-year-old actor spoke about the royal couple and more specifically about Meghan Markle: “I do not have much interest in royal members. Meghan is treated with all force by the British media, I can only imagine, that’s why I always thought the relationship between Harry and Meghan was so sweet because I was like ‘She must love you if she wants to to be involved in this crazy life. “This must be foolish. A support that will not fail to comfort the couple. Elsewhere in the news, Miley Cyrus is visibly relieved to have separated from Liam Hemsworth and this gesture is proof of this.

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