Meghan Markle broke up with Katy Perry


This is the rumor of the moment! Meghan Markle would have very badly digested the comments of Katy Perry on her wedding dress. You will see it hurts.

Even exiled in the United States, Meghan Markle continues to fascinate the tabloids. Yet Archie’s mom is doing everything to improve her image.

At the moment, she is also trying to put public opinion in her pocket by increasing the number of videoconferences. Prince George’s aunt also sorted her out.

And obviously, Meghan Markle is determined not to hook up with just anyone. And she would have a very famous singer in her sights!

Her name ?! Katy Perry !

In the past, the sweetheart of Orlando Bloom allowed herself a little commentary on the Sussex marriage in 2018.

For “Entertainment Tonight”, the interpreter of “Roar” had then delivered – without filter – his feelings on the wedding dress of the former American actress. And you will see, she didn’t go dead hand.

“I will have scheduled an additional try. Kate (Editor’s note: Middleton) won. I have to tell the truth. It would have needed an additional fitting but I love it “, had confided Katy Perry!

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