Meghan Markle: blamed for the shadow of his wife!


Via the “Sunday Telegraph”, Angela Levin pointed out the influence that Meghan Markle would have on her husband Prince Harry.

On a daily basis, would Meghan Markle overshadow Prince Harry? Angela Levin is sure of it! The famous biographer has also shared her feelings for the “Sunday Telegraph”.

Since the Megxit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer very popular in England. Public opinion does not forgive them for their latest setbacks in the Windsor clan.

It must be said that the behavior of the couple has often hit the headlines. In the tabloids, Meghan Markle is described as a “self-centered” person. But also “upstart”.

Moreover, many media accuse him of having estranged Prince Harry from the rest of his family. This Sunday, January 3, Angela Levin – the famous royal biographer – did not hesitate to tackle the Sussexes via the “Sunday Telegraph”.

And the youngest son of Prince Charles took it for his rank. For the reporter, Archie’s daddy would “humbly” follow his wife’s “waking” ways!

Angela Levin regrets that Prince Harry has put aside his “life as a man of action to become some sort of wacky benefactor.”


Angela Levin also points out that unlike Harry, Meghan Markle now seems totally “fulfilled in her native California”.

Since their exile in the United States, the author finds that the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II has become “a shadow” of himself. She hinted that he would do anything for the Duchess who is aware of this flaw in her husband.

Following the Megxit, multiple tensions also erupted within the Windsor clan. Especially between Princes William and Harry.

In the past, Prince George’s dad would have struggled to understand certain actions of his brother and his wife. For his part, Prince Harry would be very angry with the Firm for their lack of support.

Now the Sussexes seem to want to prove to the world that they are an ambitious and steadfast couple. Never mind the critics!


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