Meghan Markle: Her best friend Serena Williams makes a big mistake!


Meghan Markle and Serena Williams adore each other! Moreover, the Duchess of Sussex does not hesitate to move to the competition of her friend. So that’s what she comes to do a few days ago …

Meghan Markle has never seen her friend win. Indeed, every time the duchess moves to one of the games of Serena, the latter loses it! If you could think that Archie’s mother is bad luck … Serena, she really does not care! Thus, the sportswoman invited her friend to watch one of her matches.

However, on occasion, Serena Williams made a revelation on Meghan Markle … Indeed, she said that she had made the trip to the United States with her baby Archie … A choice made at the last minute, very little protocolary!

Nobody dictates the decisions of Meghan Markle! Indeed, this is what recent statements by Serena Williams have just proved. Thus, while Meghan had to go to New York alone, to see a tennis match, she decided to take her son. “She flew to the end of the night with a newborn baby to see me play in New York. She told Access Hollywood before adding. “I probably could not do that. She’s the strongest person I know, the kindest, the sweetest … ”

Benevolent talk about her best friend Meghan Markle, but that may not please the royal family at all. Elizabeth II, who recently complained about the rebellious conduct of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex … These revelations may therefore add oil on the fire … Case to follow!