Meghan Markle: her best friend Jessica Mulrone accused of racism!


Meghan Markle supports movements against racial injustice, best friend Jessica Mulrone accused of racism

It seems that Jessica Mulrone, Meghan Markle’s best friend is accused of racism! So she was fired!

Since the death of George Floyd, this 46-year-old African-American killed by the police, demonstrations have multiplied. Many people therefore fight against racism.

This is precisely the case of Meghan Markle who therefore decided to join the Black Lives Matter movement! She therefore wishes to use her notoriety to fight against racial injustices.

This is what royal journalist Katie Nicholl revealed to our colleagues from Entertainment Tonight. “The Black Lives Matter movement counts for Meghan Markle. ”

However ! Internet users believe that Archie’s mother should teach her best friend Jessica Mulrone a moral lesson.

And for good reason ! The latter is therefore accused of racism against Sasha Exeter, a black influencer. In fact, in a video posted on Instagram, the victim attested that she had an argument with Jessica Mulrone.


The reason ? So they disagreed about racism. Meghan Markle’s best friend therefore threatened Sasha to end all of her partnerships.

Inadmissible thing for the Net surfers. But also for Netflix, which therefore suppressed its reality show this Thursday, June 11, on the platform.

This is what CTV certified on Twitter. They then declared: “Bell Media and CTV encourage our whole team …”

“Including talents on the air, to practice respect (…) So more openly to listen … But also to amplify the black voices, and therefore not to minimize them”.

And that’s not all ! Canadian company Hudson’s Bay also ended its collaboration with Jessica Mulroney. “As we progress, our leaders and ambassadors must reflect our brand. ”

“And also equality and respect for all”. A big blow for Meghan Markle’s best friend.