Meghan Markle: her astonishing nickname of incognito volunteer!


Meghan Markle has always been a committed woman. In Toronto, she even volunteered for St. Felix Center. And the Duchess of Sussex had an adorable nickname.

Since her childhood, Meghan Markle has always loved helping others. When she became a featured actress in the Suits series, she continued to donate her time to various associations. She even took part in several charity events during her free time. So when she married Prince Harry, the young woman wanted to continue to use her fame to help those in need.

Not long ago, Meghan Markle announced that the St. Felix Center Association is one of the most active in the world. In the past Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law has even been a volunteer with the organization. As a reminder, the center helps the poor by offering them food. To thank her for this highlight, the association then published some pictures of the Duchess of Sussex on the Web.

Yesterday, Internet users were able to discover rare shots of Meghan Markle. Indeed, the association St. Felix Center has unveiled (on its social networks) photos of the young woman making meals for the center. But also portraits of the duchess posing with the rest of the team of volunteers. In the legend of his post, the organization has also revealed the nice nickname attributed to the wife of Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle’s nickname was: The lovely Meghan. After the shootings, the young woman often brought back food leftovers in the studios. His gesture then allowed to feed more than 100 people. The class! The young woman has always had the heart on her hand. A trait that would have seduced Prince Harry. There is more to hope that these rare cliché him gain points with the English media. For the moment, Archie’s mom is taking full advantage of her break in the United States with her family. It could even happen that it also spends the Christmas holidays there … Case to follow?


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