Meghan Markle and Harry Queen II. He will see Elizabeth!


Meghan Markle and Harry are expected to make their comeback in the UK next June. And that would be for a great occasion.

Since Meghan Markle and Harry left for the United States, they have not seen Queen Elizabeth again. And it’s not going to happen any time soon. However, the Megxit was to be discussed again at the start of the year. But covid-19 is changing plans.

Boris Johnson has decided on new confinement for the United Kingdom. And this should be in effect until the end of February. So, the royal couple is not likely to return to the country soon. And it doesn’t have to be a big pain for them.

Queen Elizabeth therefore had to cancel all the garden parties for 2021. A big sacrifice for the monarch who loves these moments. Nevertheless, one event should last. This is his 95th birthday. And Meghan Markle should be there.

According to information from the Sunday Times, the Queen plans to organize a Trooping the Color parade in June for her birthday. And the event would take place on June 12 to be precise. That is to say 2 days after the 100 years of prince Philip.


If done, it would be the very first royal celebration since the onset of the health crisis. More than a year later, the Queen wants to “return to service” according to the Mirror. And she would like to start planning other things before then.

But we don’t know if this will be possible. In any case, Meghan Markle and Harry should be there. The Trooping the Color parade had already taken place in 2019. And the entire royal family gathered for the occasion. The Queen is therefore counting on everyone.

It would therefore be for Meghan Markle and her husband, their first official appearance since the Megxit. A big stake when you consider that their popularity has skyrocketed since last year. To see if this is really done.


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