Meghan Markle admits to cheating for the letter!


Ex-Duchess Meghan Markle admits to delivering information to the writers of Finding Freedom. We tell you more.

Meghan Markle admits to having cheated on the letter written to her father.

The Duchess of Sussex has filed a complaint against the media outlet The Mail on Sunday for having disclosed the letter of the young woman addressed to her father. But the situation seems much more complicated than that.

Indeed, Meghan Markle would have collaborated with the authors of Finding Freedom. The famous biography which reveals the royal career of the young woman.

The young woman is therefore accused of having divulged the information she liked. That way, she could give the version that suits her best.

In fact, the investigation proved that Meghan Markle did indeed have contact with the person who gave this information to the authors of the book. And who gave all the information on this famous letter.


The media has therefore proven that Meghan Markle has everything prepared. Thus, the version given by the person contacted by the authors would work in his favor.

But the princely couple ensures that they have not been in contact with the writers. Meghan Markle for her part totally denies having used the letter to her father as a media strategy.

Omid Scobie ensures for his part never to have interviewed the Duchess or the Duke. He even specifies that the couple were against the publication of this book.

Recall that the young woman is suing the newspaper for invasion of privacy. The media had published a letter that the Duchess reportedly sent to her father.

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The title of the article read: “Revelation: Meghan’s Letter Proves Complicated Relationship with a Father Who Shattered Her Heart to Mourns”. A 10-day trial was due to take place on January 11.

This will finally take place in the fall of 2021. In fact, the Duchess should be called to testify. Case to be continued.


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