Meghan Markle accused of profiting from a psychological flaw in Harry!


Is Meghan Markle a fine manipulator? In any case, “The New Yorker” accuses him of taking advantage of Prince Harry’s psychological flaw.

Meghan Markle thought she had been quiet since the Meghxit when she put her bags down in L.A., but the tabloids are still going after her. To make matters worse, his Disney project “Elephant” has also been criticized.

In England, anger is raging. Public opinion accuses Archie’s mom of having diverted Prince Harry from his own family.

But don’t worry, Meghan Markle ignores the critics! Based in L.A., she only focuses on her upcoming projects with Prince Harry.

But Rebecca Mead has just published a new article for the New Yorker which risks annoying him to the point. In her paper, the writer addresses without filter all the anguish of Prince Harry.

In the past, Archie’s dad has had a hard time dealing with the constant harassment of the paparazzi. His mother, the late Lady Diana, was one of the favorite targets of the English tabloids.

If now Prince Charles’ younger son seems much more fulfilled, it took him a while to find peace after his mother disappeared.

According to Rebecca Mead, Meghan Markle therefore quickly perceived this flaw. From the start of their meeting, she would have been the only one to show great compassion towards Prince Harry.

Subsequently, the former star of the “Suits” series would have left her husband the role of “protector”. Something he wanted to do with his mother, Princess Diana.

“My deepest fear is that history will repeat itself,” said Archie’s dad in front of the camera in 2019. And to add: “I have seen what happens when someone I love is harassed to the point of no longer being treated or perceived as a real person”.

Before concluding not without emotion: “I lost my mother and I now see my wife becoming the victim of the same powerful forces”. A concern that Meghan Markle would not hesitate to use to achieve her ends according to the statements of Rebecca Mead …


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