Meghan Markle accused of being a bad mother: the scandalous photo!


Meghan Markle is the mother of a little boy, Archie. The starlet is accused of being a bad mother because of a photo on the net!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a baby boy. The star receives many criticisms and everyone thinks that she is a bad mother for Archie.

For several months, Meghan Markle has been the target of many critics. Internet users think that the star is too demanding with his staff. Then this summer, they criticized the lifestyle of the former Suits actress. And for good reason, the star as well as Prince Harry have taken the private jet several times. The two celebrities wish to escape the scandals but they do not seem to succeed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen to settle in Canada and they are asking for their financial independence from the crown. Thus, the two stars wish to move away from public life in order to have more privacy. Then, the actress wishes to be able to educate her child without receiving bad reviews. Moreover, for several days, a photo of her with Archie has been a scandal on social networks.

Meghan Markle hoped to escape scandal by settling in Canada with Harry. However, this Monday, January 20, the star was taking a walk with Archie in the woods in Vancouver. The star was with her bodyguards and she seemed happy to get some fresh air. Nevertheless, photos are turning on the net where we see Archie in a baby carrier. The baby seems misplaced and that doesn’t seem to worry Meghan . So fans did not hesitate to clash with her and think that she is a bad mother.

Archie seems to lean to the right on the photos and he is not well positioned in the baby carrier. So fans have been tough on Meghan Markle and he thinks she is not taking good care of her baby. “Poor baby, he doesn’t seem comfortable in the way she’s holding him,” said one fan. “Please have someone teach him how to use a baby carrier before Archie falls . ” Then, the Daily Mail reported other comments from fans who criticized the star. ” What’s going on with the baby carrier?” Poor Archie… “. The star will probably never manage to escape the scandals…


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