Meghan Markle: a definitive break with the royal family?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family is increasingly deteriorating. We reveal everything to you.

Relations between Meghan Markle’s husband and the royal family seem more and more strained!

The Duchess’s fairy tale came to an end when she decided to leave the royal family. A decision that especially had a lot of repercussions on Prince Harry.

And the least that can be said is that relations between Meghan Markle’s husband and the royal family are far from being in good shape. Indeed, the Prince has chosen to leave his royal duties to go live in the United States with his small family.

Therefore, he is therefore many months present for his royal obligations. Or even completely absent as we saw during Remembrance Day last Sunday.

Meghan Markle’s darling then asked for a wreath to be laid in her name. A request refused by the Palace! Will the Duke of Sussex completely disappear from the royal landscape?


When he left, Meghan Markle’s darling hoped that his relationship with the royal family did not deteriorate. You should know that between Harry and his family, the situation was already very tense.

Thus, the palace’s refusal to lay flowers on his behalf was a very clear message to the prince. For the Crown, Prince Harry is no longer part of the royal circle.

This decision touched Meghan Markle’s husband a lot. Especially when you know that as a former soldier in the British Army, this day is very close to his heart.

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