Meghan and Harry: Return to royal life excluded?


Have Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (36) really broken all bridges back to the Royals? Almost a year ago, the couple officially announced with a historical statement that they would resign from all their royal duties in the future and want to live financially independently in the future.

A lot has happened since then – the native American and the prince ended up on the west coast of the USA and, among other things, a Netflix deal actually guarantees her financial security. Various insiders are certain that these new career paths in particular will make the way back to the palace more and more difficult.

At the end of 2020 the couple signed an extremely lucrative contract with Netflix, and a few weeks later the two started their own podcast “Archewell Audio”. A source told the Daily Mail earlier this year : “There is no anger or hostility on the part of the Royal Family. But every commercial deal the Sussexes have signed makes a possible return to royal life increasingly unlikely.” Another insider close to the two agreed that coming back would mean that all closed deals would have to be reversed: “And Harry and Meghan certainly don’t want that.”

The whole thing seems to have received the blessing from Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (94), after all, she agreed that he and Meghan should start a new life overseas. “Finally, there is also the fact that they bought a house almost 10,000 kilometers from the palace. That should make their intentions unmistakable,” added the source.


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