Meghan and Harry are working on their communications!


There have been some hiccups lately, com level … Indeed, Meghan Markle and her darling Harry had to change strategy. What allow them to communicate better. A close-knit duo is also a duo that knows how to express itself.

Communicating is not easy, and you don’t proclaim yourself a great speaker like that! Not even when your name is Meghan Markle or Henry from Sussex.

Thus, the couple admitted to having some problems with their communication. Rather than let go, the duo chose to heal it.

Their goal: to become irreproachable at this level, because both made some wrong notes. Not enough to let down.

To reach a top level, the Sussex couple called on the cream of the crop. Meghan Markle and her royal husband can afford it, after all.

Meghan Markle and Harry have therefore hired Christine Schirmer, ex-communications chief of Pinterest for this task. Of course, she won’t be the only one in this position.


A certain Toya Holness will also become Archie’s parents’ official press secretary. At least that’s what PRWeek tells us.

It must be said that on the side of the British crown, it takes care of the grain. The former spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth II also scrutinized Meghan Markle and Harry, and judged each of their speeches.

The clan had struggled to speak clearly and deal with the crisis since their departure from the royal family. “They don’t understand anything about communication,” he told the Daily Mail.

A finding that was not very helpful, which had to force the two thugs of royalty to retaliate. Especially after all the scandals hanging around them. It remains to be seen whether their new strategy will bear fruit.

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