Megapenguin Rehatched, A New Adventure in Dreams Made By The Community


Megapenguin Rehatched: Media Molecule’s video game for PS4 and PS5 adds a new user-made experience to its cast of adventures. We know all the details.Sony Interactive Entertainment and Media Molecule have unveiled the new Dreams adventure: Megapenguin Rehatchet. Defined as a collaborative playable experience made by the user community jointly, those who participate will be able to edit it and thus develop an ending for the story of the penguin that acts as the protagonist. You can see the trailer in Spanish below.

By way of synopsis, Megapenguin will suddenly arrive in the Dreamiverse with his ship completely shattered by the impact. This is how he will be immersed in the world of Dreams, where he will go out to explore and live new adventures with a platform touch. We will be able to investigate, go through scenarios, find artifacts with which to interact and find clues to complete our main mission: return home. The first three levels of Megapenguin Rehatchet are now available to all Dreams players on PS4 and PS5.

As we pointed out, the main unique feature of this adventure in Dreams is that the users themselves can resume it and give a specific ending to the story. In we can find more details about this game and how to participate in its development.

Dreams, the most personal and creative game from Media Molecule

To date, the Dreams community has created more than 700,000 experiences, of which more than 100,000 are playable. The commitment of users to this title, developed by the authors of LittleBigPlanet at PlayStation Studios, is total. We have seen video games, music compositions, interactive clips, movies, and recreations of other classic games that are part of the medium. Create, play and share; the motto is repeated.

Dreams is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS5, including its digital version on the PlayStation Store. From MeriStation we recommend playing the story mode, called El Sueño de Art. It lasts only a few hours and is a very faithful example of what this video game is capable of. There is also a free demo on the PlayStation Store with access to a series of levels made by the community and part of the aforementioned story mode.


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