Megan Rapinoe reacted to the controversy about transgender athletes


The inclusion of transgender athletes in sports has become quite a difficult issue. However, Megan Rapinoe believes that we all think about it too much.

Rapinoe fully supports the inclusion of transgender athletes in all sports.

In a new interview, she says that there is too much talk about transgender athletes receiving someone’s scholarship or a place on the team.

“Show me the evidence that trans women get universal scholarships, dominate all sports, win all titles,” Rapinoe said via the Daily Mail. “Sorry, it just doesn’t happen.”

“I am 100% supportive of transgenderism,” she told TIME. “People don’t know much about it. We miss almost everything.”

Rapino goes on to say that a child’s school volleyball team is not as important as the life of a transgender athlete.

Excluding a transgender athlete from the team just to avoid hurting his feelings can be damaging.

“I’m sorry, but your child’s school volleyball team is not that important. This is no more important than the life of any child,” she added.

On the other hand, a transgender athlete taking the place of another athlete can negatively affect that child.

“We put everything through ‘God forbid a transgender person succeed in sports,'” Rapinoe added. “Become aware of reality and take a step back.”

The response to Rapinoe’s comments should be interesting.