Megan King Cancels Disneyland Trip after Her Children get foot-and-mouth disease: “I’m trapped with these poor kids”


The blues of canceled vacations. Megan King’s plans to take the children to Disneyland took an unexpected turn, instead the whole family ended up in quarantine.

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“In short, my kids got hand disease, foot and mouth disease, and we had to cancel our trip to Disneyland,” the 37—year-old graduate of The Real Housewives of Orange County signed an Instagram photo with her daughter Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes., 4, Tuesday, August 2.

King, who shares her children with ex-husband Jim Edmonds, detailed her health issues in a lengthy blog post. “Aspen asked me what those dots were on her hands,” she recalls, noting that she didn’t worry about the spot on her baby before going to the zoo that day. “I miraculously manage to Google this strange “spot rash”, which I can’t stop thinking about, and stumble upon a page when it strikes me: these children have foot-and-mouth disease and oral disease.”

Megan King with her daughter Aspen and sons Hart and Hayes. Courtesy of Megan King/Instagram

She continued: “Disneyland is canceled. And I’m trapped with these poor kids. Quarantine post-traumatic stress disorder is returning to full force.”

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According to the former reality TV star, her babies did not “suffer much” from contagious sores. “They didn’t have a fever, and besides being a little tearful, they felt good, ate well and behaved normally,” she shared. “Their contagious stage lasted maybe 3 days (I think?) and we shut down Disney and I had to run this blog (hooray).”

King has previously used social media to document moments from her life as a single mother. Last month, the Missouri native hit the headlines after she spoke about the difficulties of teaching her son Hart to potty.

“Hart is afraid of the toilet (I think) and I’ve tried every motivator on the planet,” King wrote on Instagram on July 19, asking for help from other parents of neurodifferent children. “The clock is ticking ⏰ since school requires him to be potty trained, and it starts in a month! Any wise words from those who have children with sensory problems, etc., are much appreciated (and NECESSARY at this stage!).

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The former Bravo personality said her son’s cerebral palsy was the reason he was having trouble with this task. “I will do my best,” she continued. “I know he can do it, he just has to do it. Help!”

52-year-old Edmonds, for his part, was not thrilled that his ex-wife was looking for advice on an online platform. “Jim wants Megan to respect her children’s privacy and stop putting their son and his problems in the spotlight,” the manager of the former professional baseball player, 52, told TMZ on July 21.

The California native’s comments came shortly after King spoke out about how the former couple struggles with co-parenting. “We have a [worse] relationship than we had when we broke up,” King, who was married to Edmonds from 2014 to 2021, said during Caroline Stanbury’s appearance on “Divorced but Not Dead” the same month. “It’s terrible. It’s so bad for the kids [and] for us as individuals.”


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