Megan Fox explained why she needed to ask Bo Machine Gun Kelly if he was breastfed as an infant


Musician turned actor and director, Machine Gun Kelly and “Jennifer’s Body” star Megan Fox have caused quite a few surprises during their very public, very unorthodox relationship. The engaged couple openly talked about their strange relationship, admitting that they even drink each other’s blood. By comparison, Fox asking Kelly if he was breastfed as a child doesn’t seem like much, but she revealed the reason why she asks her “future baby daddy” such random and non-standard questions.

In an exclusive interview with E! On the red carpet of the Machine Gun Kelly Hulu documentary, Megan Fox explains that one of the first questions she asked Kelly was whether his mother was breastfeeding. This is far from the typical “What’s your favorite color?” question, and I have to give Fox points for originality.

Obviously, there is a very specific reason why Megan Fox wanted to know the answer to this question, and the actress explains why she asks such non-standard questions when getting to know a person. Here’s from her own words:

It largely depends on your psychology and your temperament. That’s why I’m asking about such things. If you know me and I know you, I can’t help but know almost everything about you.

I have to give credit because Megan Fox really knows a lot about her fiance. She can basically answer questions about Machine Gun Kelly quickly, many of which seem to involve her asking wild questions that most people wouldn’t even think to ask their partner-for example, if they were breastfed as a child.

Studies show that breastfeeding really reduces stress levels in infants and helps their mental development, so the reason Megan Fox asks such a question is not unfounded. Nevertheless, as a nursing mother, I must say that so many factors influence the creation and upbringing of a person that by the time a person turns 30, like Machine Gunner Kelly, his temperament and psychology consist of so many different life experiences that breastfeeding can be a drop in the ocean of what what actually constitutes a person’s personality.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have achieved success in their careers separately, Kelly has ventured into a number of industries, and Fox is a successful actress who has some pretty great roles. Together they can be a little (or very) strange for some, but it seems that their relationship is developing, and they vividly show their love.

Megan Fox, asking about breastfeeding her fiance, is quite tame compared to the way she aims a gun at his crotch, declaring her undying love. Anyway, the intensity seems to work for the couple and they seem happy, so I guess it’s a victory of love?