Megan Boone joined Bernie and Red’s meme campaign


It’s been several days since Bernie Sanders’ inauguration memes permeated pop culture in its entirety. We’ve seen the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Mark Hamill do their best, but there was also a serendipitous moment for The BlackList show.

In fact, The BlackList returned to the calendar during the same week that Joe Biden took office as President of the United States. So, The BlackList stars Amir Arison and Megan Boone joined in the fun and shared what it would be like if Bernie Sanders and Red Reddington got together for a chilly reunion on the park bench.

Yes. Good, Bernie Sanders animation in Studio Ghibli movies could get the gold star for most creatives, but fans are still pretty excited.

Due to The BlackList meeting with Red and Bernie to spread the news that the series was returning to programming. Speaking of longevity, another actor on the series, Harry Lennix, also recently said that the NBC drama is simply one of those series that goes on and on and on.

Now in its eighth season, Lennix has a logical way of looking at longevity and hope that the show will continue into the future.

“Then why not? You know that the criminals are not going to stop coming, right? ”, Said the actor referring to The Blacklist.

Meanwhile, the show got a very nice and long break in 2020 when New York City closed in March. Similarly, James Spader recently confessed that he spent time in Massachusetts, where he was accidentally when the quarantine began.

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However, these days he is happy to be back and promoting the show. Unfortunately for his part that does not include the creation of memes.

That said, the point is that while the Bernie Sanders meme will come and go and probably run its course soon, The BlackList could theoretically live a little longer.


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