Megalodon Releases Gaming Keyboard Similar to Nintendo Switch


The Megalodon keyboard maker has several Nintendo-inspired products, but the latter is literally similar to Switch.

Special keyboards and macroblocks are in fashion these days. Interest has grown from just getting something great to print on to the fact that devices now have more. Megalodon is a company that saw this opportunity and took advantage of it.

However, their latest creation seems to do much more than just inspire. The 64 console has two ends that can be purchased in various colors, as well as red and blue. Yes, like the Nintendo Switch.

However, it seems that the dream of completely recreating the Gamecube Keyboard controller is short-lived, since there are not enough buttons at the two ends. The two ends consist of quick access buttons, a joystick and a rotary knob for various settings of your PC.

No switches included

Megalodon obviously knows the market it is in, so there are no switches or caps on the keyboard. The store where it is presented recommends some switches to buy with it. You’ll want to take this into account if you’re interested in a novelty.

Niche keyboards like this one require some knowledge about the types of switches you like. For example, some of our favorites are MX Yellows. They provide sufficient resistance when typing and a dull sound that does not carry around the house.

For something like this, we would probably recommend looking into various switches like Blues and Reds. Blue will give you a satisfying click, while red is great for beginners and those who want a simple and intuitive switch.

Megalodon currently sells the 64 console for $198 via . It comes without switches, but Drop sells a huge assortment.


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