Mega Sale AliExpress: The Biggest Shopping Event Of The Semester Is Coming!


AliExpress is one of the largest international shopping sites and strives to offer its customers the best deals on imported products. And when we say that it does not measure efforts, it is not a force of expression, it is an observation.

With a whole week of unbelievable offers, AliExpress allows you to buy imported products with values ​​below US$ 10. There are more than 4 million products in offers and you can even take advantage of the AliExpress coupon to save even more.

Mega Sale: online shopping with discounts of up to 70% + free shipping

The Mega Sale, which takes place from June 21st to 25th, is the biggest shopping event of the semester promoted by AliExpress, offering discounts of up to 70% and free shipping. But that’s not all: the size of the event translates into the actions of the e-commerce giant so that their products arrive even faster at your home.

There are 5 weekly charter flights, directly from China, so that purchases made by the site are in Brazil in a few days. More precisely, around 12 days in São Paulo (capital) and in 15 days in other Brazilian cities.

With your orders arriving so fast, you can’t miss the promotions from one of the best international shopping sites that deliver in Brazil. And to ensure the best price and take advantage of even more offers, on orders over $50, $99 and $199, you can apply exclusive coupons of $7, $12 and $20, respectively, on your purchase, with the codes 618mundo7, 618mundo12 and 618mundo20.

It’s time to pay attention to the days of promotion and take the opportunity to update the wish list with everything you are looking for from imported products. Get ready!


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