Mega leak exposes data from 100 million mobile accounts


Less than a month after the mega data leak that exposed confidential information of 223 million Brazilians, Psafe’s cybersecurity laboratory has just detected on Wednesday (10) another possible incident, this time putting information of more than 100 million at risk cell phone accounts.

According to the Brazilian startup, its business protection tool dfndr enterprise has identified, through continuous monitoring of deepweb, a new database for sale, with cell phone number, subscriber name and address “of almost half of the country’s population ”.

In the press release, Psafe explained that, in order to verify the information detected by his tool, he pretended to be a possible buyer and contacted the criminal, requesting a sample of the database offered for sale. The company is keen to emphasize that it does not agree with the trade of confidential information.

What telephone operators say

Although Psafe declined to comment on information about possible victims or the source of the operators’ data, some websites speculated that the hacker’s claim is that the data came from operators Vivo and Claro. There is also speculation that even information from President Jair Bolsonaro would be in the leaked database.

Vivo manifested itself through a note, stating that “it reiterates transparency in the relationship with its customers and points out that there was no incident of data leakage”. The company guarantees to have “the strictest controls in accessing its consumers’ data and in combating practices that may threaten their privacy”.

Citing the reports, Claro said it had not identified any data leaks and recalled that Psafe found no evidence to support the criminals’ allegation. In a note, the operator guaranteed to invest heavily in security procedures and maintain constant monitoring “to identify fraud and protect its customers”.


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