Mega evolution in Pokémon GO: how to get Mega Energy


We review all the details of this phenomenon to activate it and take advantage of all its advantages and limitations. Methods to obtain Megaenergy.

Pokémon GO has received the Megaevolution, a direct inheritance from the sixth generation of the main saga. With this, an original method that makes Niantic distance itself from the forms used by Game Freak on Nintendo 3DS that we will explain below. Currently there are very few species that can megaevolve, but it is an effective method that can help us take advantage of the combats and thus expand the records in our Pokédex.

How to activate / unlock Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO

Currently, in the absence of new methods in which Niantic is working after complaints about the low amount of Megaenergy available when completing Mega Raids and other activities, the ways to get Megaenergy are as follows, after using 200 units of Mega Energy of the Pokémon in question to unlock it. For example, Charizard X / Y, Blastoise, Beedrill, or Venusaur.

Mega Evolution Unlocks: 200 Mega Energy (maximum 999 Mega Energy units in the bag)
From there, 50 Mega Energy of the corresponding species for each use (lasts 4 hours activated; 240 minutes)

We must bear in mind that those 4 hours of duration of the Mega Evolutions apply to a single Pokémon; We can only have one mega-evolved Pokémon simultaneously, it doesn’t matter if it’s our partner, but never if it’s a dark Pokémon. Except in the PVP GO Fighting League, we can use Mega Evolutions in all types of combat, including Trainer Battles, Gyms, and Team GO Rocket.

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