Meet the World’s No. 1 Woman in Pinball


One of the most popular games in computers and game halls, Pinball’s # 1 worldwide actress, Zoe Vrabel, used striking expressions to share her views on the game.

Zoe Vrabel is a 32-year-old woman who started playing Pinball 10 years ago. Since then, Vrabel has progressed rapidly in the game, becoming the world’s first female champion in the game.

Vrabel made statements to KOIN 6 and said she had a boyfriend when she first started playing the game, and she believed that many women were introduced into the game world by her male partners. Vrabel’s love for Pinball lasted longer than her love for her partner.

Vrabel: “I didn’t want to leave Pinball”
Vrabel says she loves Pinball very much and thinks it will be too much to quit after the end of her relationship. Ten years after the start of the game, the player ranks 297 on the world charts and 3rd among women. The rankings are made by the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA).

Vrabel, who works in higher education, says that people know her name and those who see her playing in Portland cannot forget herself because of the way she plays and gets high scores.

According to Vrabel, more women should be involved in the game world. Therefore, talented women who are already playing games should be introduced more. So she believes that other women can spend time at the gaming machines.

The goal of Vrabel is to attract more women to the game
Vrabel is a consultant commissioner at IFPA and works to attract more women to the game. The goal is to create a more friendly environment that says the player, Pinball can be improved for gender equality, she says.

According to Vrabel, who mentioned the number of participation in the organizations, there are several women in the US tournaments and the World Championships are held with the participation of men. Nevertheless, in general, the actress says that the interest of women is increasing, “I’m not alone anymore,” she says.

Avoid physical intervention
Vrabel also provides advice on Pinball. The first of course is that everyone gives the game a chance. According to Vrabel, it takes some time to get used to the new machines and the element of luck plays an important role in the game.

Vrabel also advises players to physically manipulate the machines. According to her, old games also require physicality. Shaking the game machine and moving the ball is also considered part of the game. The chance to beat the game is an important point, she says.


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