Meet Two Manchester United Graduates Who Could Eventually Lead Everton


Everton and their boss Frank Lampard have recently experienced far from favorable form. A string of unsuccessful performances suggests that Lampard’s future at the Toffees is coming to an end.

Everton’s last defeat came at the hands of rampant Manchester United. The Red Devils forced Everton out of the FA Cup by defeating the besieged Merseysiders 3-1.

Sean Dyche, Roberto Martinez, Wayne Rooney and David Moyes are on the shortlist of possible candidates vying for a place in the Toffees.

A battle born in Manchester

Among the possible replacements at Everton are two Manchester United graduates Wayne Rooney and David Moyes. Moyes had the unenviable task of steering United’s ship after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

On the contrary, Rooney made a name for himself at Manchester United, becoming the Red Devils’ top scorer in history.

Moyes, the older of the two, has the advantage of experience, having started his career as Preston manager in 1998.

Rooney was loved by many for his passionate and combative management style – a relic of his playing days.

The Moyes case

Former Manchester United coach Moyes has a wealth of experience (just under 15 years) behind him.

He is coaching West Ham for the second time, and if he got the job at Everton, he would also survive his second period there.

Moyes was also Everton’s manager for a long time between 2002 and 2013. This means that Moyes has the advantage of knowing the culture of Everton and the inner workings of the club.

Ironically, a manager swap deal could take place if both Lampard and Moyes are sacked and hired. The exchange deal will give each manager another opportunity to fix everything and prove that lightning can strike twice.

The Rooney case

Wayne Rooney has just over two years of experience in a managerial position.

Despite the fact that he is only green on the gills, he is the favorite to replace Lampard. Rooney accomplished an incredible feat in the Derby, narrowly avoiding relegation.

Need to make an impression?

It is important to note that Derby also started the season with a 21-point drop. Miraculously avoiding relegation was nothing short of a miracle.

Apart from his managerial prowess, a return to Goodison Park would be both nostalgic and warm for football.


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