Meet TWICE’s pets, they are her best friends


Meet TWICE’s pets, these little dogs have stolen the hearts of the idols and ONCE. They say that the dog is the best friend you can have in life, believe it or not they also experience human emotions that allow them to create a bond with the human being, so they become our best friends, confidants and the best company . Having a pet can brighten our days, because you will always have someone waiting for you and greet you when you arrive.

The girls of TWICE have shown their love for animals thanks to each of their pets, some of them have more than one dog, they have also promoted adoption by giving a home to their best furry friend, they have also had to say to some of their puppies, but the memories they have shared together have made them happy.

No matter the breed, their age or their size, dogs will always make you happy with their witty, innocence and games. You can hug them, take photos with them and take a walk with them. Pets are one more member of TWICE’s family and the girls have shared photos with ONCE through their social networks to present the creatures that accompany them on a daily basis.

Do you also have pets? A dog is one of the most faithful animals and it will accompany you throughout your life, until its time to say goodbye, but it will always be someone very special to you. Meet each other’s puppies.


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The singer has one of the largest pets in the group, her Golden dog named Ray is over 15 years old, she has had him since she was a child, so their bond is very strong.

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Nayeon decided to promote adoption and therefore gave a home to his pet named Kookeu, a Kookeu breed dog, small and adorable like him. The idol has also posed with him in several of his Instagram photos, she has been with him for three years.


Momo is another member of TWICE who has a great love for animals and owns four puppies named Petco, Lucky, Pudding and Boo, of the Russell Terrier breed. One of her pets has been with her for many years, having been with her since her predebut era. The idol has posed with them in various photos through Instagram.


Dahyun had a phobia of dogs, but her love was stronger and three years ago she adopted a Maltese named Ari. It is white and often spends his holidays with him. He has also shared some photos on social media.


Sadly, this year Tzuyu had to say goodbye to her Gucci puppy, he was a Pomeranian breed. The singer spent 11 years by her side, as her pet arrived when she was 10 years old. Apparently, his health worsened, so she decided to let him go and thank him for the moments they had together.


The idol has a lot of love to give to her pets, which is why she owns two dogs named Nanani and Bbosongie, Jeongyeon has posed with her two puppies in several photos. The furry ones are just as adorable as their owner.


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