Meet the World’s Most Expensive Bicycle Wheel: Spengle Gold


Swiss bicycle wheel manufacturer Spengle introduced the most expensive bicycle wheel in the world. The wheel, called Spengle Gold, combines the company’s super lightweight monocoque carbon fiber wheels with 24-carat gold.

Spengle is among the best bike wheel manufacturers. The Swiss company took the high-performance monocoque carbon fiber bike wheels to a whole new level and introduced the new “Spengle Gold” wheel, covered with 24-carat gold. According to Spengle, the project started in June 2019 and it took too long to complete.

Spengle CEO Pius Brauchart said, “The bicycle wheel is a unique visual canvas, offering kinetic art in its purest form. Art and sports represent deep passions and we’ve had the opportunity to combine them with Spengle Gold. and it was quite compelling and a visually stunning wheel appeared. ” said.

Spengle plans to showcase the gold-plated wheels at various bike shows across Europe. The pair of wheels offered for sale at about 9 thousand dollars. The company promises a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for Spengle Gold, which it provides a lifetime warranty. It also makes free shipping worldwide.

Spengle notes that the wheels are completely drivable as well as their visual appeal.


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