Meet the suspects in clip from ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out My…


Netflix has released a clip from the movie “Glass Bow: The Mystery of Knives” — watch it above.

The clip, released as part of the Netflix Tudum global event, presents the film’s cast, who receive an invitation to a special trip to Greece.

In the sequel, Daniel Craig returns as Detective Benoit Blanc along with a new cast of suspects, including Edward Norton, Dave Batista, Katherine Hahn, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Madeleine Cline and Leslie Odom Jr.

The synopsis reads: “You are invited to put the pieces together. In the sequel to Ryan Johnson’s Get the Knives, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to solve a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects.”

The sequel is directed and written by Ryan Johnson, who previously described it as “having its own tone, ambition and meaning of existence.”

The film debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, where it received high praise in early reviews.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is scheduled to be released in theaters in November before it hits Netflix on December 23, after the streaming service acquired the rights to two Knives Out sequels starring Craig.

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