Meet the ‘pixsexuals’ who use PIX as a flirting app


PIX, Brazil’s electronic payment method, has just added a new type of transaction to its functionalities: flirting application. The alternative use of the Central Bank’s payment system already has a name for its users on Twitter: they are the pixsexuals, who publish stories that have gone viral with the tag “PIXTinder”.

Uol blog columnist “Descomplique”, Júlia Mendonça, explains how PIX ended up in the world of flirting: as the new free system allows you to receive and make transactions without bureaucracy from banks, the tool only asks for the registration of a personal key, which can be the phone number, social security number or a random number.

According to the blogger, two weeks ago a girl blocked in all social networks of the ex had a brilliant idea to try the rapprochement: she made several transactions of R $ 0.01 for the boy, with text messages (allowed by the app to inform the reason for transfer) asking to resume the relationship.

Receiving money from contacts

The story boomed on social media and extrapolated the terrain of amorous persecutions, to reach the field of affective investments with some people using the PIX to talk to the contact and flirt. A public relations professional interviewed by the blog stated: “I received R $ 2 from my contact”.

She confessed to having seen the joke about pixsexuals on Instagram and decided to join by sharing in her Stories: “Here it is bad to talk, write down my PIX number”. Without expecting anything, she ended up receiving a credit of R $ 2 from a contact in the past, and a message with the boy’s address.

Although the case cited may be heading towards a happy ending, Júlia warns that “it is not a good thing for you to go around passing your contact to everyone, not even the CPF. This is the main problem with the tool, providing personal data to strangers ”. For this reason, she advises that, for strangers, use a random number as a key.


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