Meet the new second female bosun of the Mediterranean below deck Reagan Tyler


“Under the Mediterranean Deck” returns in season 7, and Reagan Tyler will join the crew as the second female boatswain in history. She will be joined by other members of her crew, such as returning co-stars Captain Sandy Yone and sailor Mzi Dempers. As for the other newcomers joining the superyacht Home, they include Chef Dave White, Natasha Webb, Kyle Viljoen, Natalia Scudder, Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell. Reagan also has something important to fill in after Malia White’s role as the boatswain for the past two seasons.

Despite Malia’s ups and downs with past crew members on the Under Deck Med, last season she established herself as a great boatswain. Her team, which included Mzi, David Pascoe and Lloyd Spencer, constantly praised her for her work on the deck team and for how she helped them throughout their time. Now that Reagan is becoming the new boatswain, fans are excited to see how well she’s doing.

According to her biography on BravoTV, Reagan was born in Essex, a small town near London. After Reagan was bitten by the craving for travel, she realized that Essex would not be her home, as she always wanted to live in motion. The “Under the Deck Med” star got her first job on a boat in the interior crew and gradually expanded her work experience to the deck crew. During her time working in a male-dominated industry, Reagan has had to overcome many challenges, and she is not afraid to prove that she has what it takes to become an integral member of the deck team. Her biography also mentions that although Raigan is a professional, she is not afraid to have a little fun.

Reagan’s team this season will include Mzi, Storm and Jason. Like Malia, she will be the woman in charge of the men’s team, which has been the norm for Under Deck Med for the past two seasons. As for Raigan’s Instagram, it is currently private, and as of June 2022, he has only 154 subscribers. However, there may be a reason why her social media is not accessible to the public. According to the Reddit thread r/belowdeck, Reagan won’t last long on board. The Reddit thread showed the cast of the 7th season of “Under the Copper Deck”, a review of the season and the positions of everyone. In the darkened box there is a spoiler showing that Reagan is not finishing the season, and one of the guys is promoted to boatswain. As for the extra sailors needed, they are supposedly hiring Courtney Veale, who was the third stew in season 6 of “Under the Medics Deck.”

Little is known about Raigan, other than what is in her Mediterranean biography on the lower deck from Bravo. With her closed Instagram, it’s hard to know if these rumors surrounding Reagan are true or false. As for whether she will do the whole season, fans will have to wait for the season premiere on July 11.