Meet the new Marvel mutants with their actors


The director reveals the initial plans of the script for The New Mutants and in which Colossus appeared as Magik’s brother in the film.

The New Mutants, the new Marvel film with Fox after the purchase of the company and acquisition of the rights, finally opens in theaters in just two days after several delays, the last of them due to the global crisis of the coronavirus. And taking advantage of the occasion, its director Josh Boone has carried out an interview in which he has revealed new details of the production, such as one of the first drafts that included the mutant Colossus of the X-Men, brother of one of the protagonists of the film, Magik. In addition, Fox has shared new promotional clips like the one that heads this article and in which its different protagonists present their respective characters.

The New Mutants premieres on August 26

Thus, while the script was being written and the first drafts were shared among the production team, the mutant Colossus of the X-Men was apparently included in the film as a cameo, a character who is actually Magik’s brother, a of the protagonists of this new film and that we have already seen in other more or less recent adaptations of Marvel’s mutants, such as Deadpool 2 or X-Men 2 in different versions.

“I had earlier drafts that had a scene where Ilyana was working in a field in Russia. And suddenly her brother would come on the scene and you would see how all the armor would appear on top and prevent something from destroying it or whatever. We had things like that in previous drafts that were getting further and further out of our reach from a budget standpoint. Like suddenly Ilyana is rescued, and she is Coloso’s sister ”, explains the director.

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On the other hand, new promotional materials have been published such as the video that heads the news or a new spot in which unpublished scenes from the film are shown with a lot of action, thus presenting the powers of the protagonists. The New Mutants finally opens this coming August 26 in theaters.


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