Meet the new LG Xboom Go speakers

LG is a brand known for modern, quality smart TVs, smartphones and appliances. However, the company also has a segment dedicated to audio equipment that is highly praised among consumers.

In this area, LG recently launched a new line of portable speakers for those who want to listen to music in different environments. The LG Xboom Go PL series consists of three models that feature Bluetooth connectivity, powerful bass, long battery life, multicolored lighting, water resistance and compatibility with voice commands.

Want to know more about the new LG speakers? Follow the information below.

LG Xboom Go PL7 Bluetooth Speaker

The PL7 is the largest and most powerful LG Xboom speaker. The model has a simple and elegant look, built to offer a balanced sound for all musical styles. The rubberized finish helps to provide greater resistance to the product.

The LG Xboom Go PL7 has 30W of power and has Meridian technology to offer premium quality audio. The result is intense bass, clearer vocals and an above average sound experience.

This speaker with multicolored light also offers a respectable battery, capable of withstanding up to 24 hours of continuous playback. Two passive radiators are responsible for the powerful bass, and the whole set is water resistant thanks to IPX5 certification.

Finally, the LG Xboom Go PL7 can connect with up to 100 different products and be controlled by voice assistants. In traditional mode, the portable speaker offers capacitive controls to control the playback and volume of the music.

LG XBoom Go PL5 Bluetooth Speaker

Slightly smaller than the previous model – 199 x 79 x 79 cm -, the LG Xboom Go PL5 speaker brings the same technologies as the PL7, but more compactly and with a 20W sound output. Here is Meridian’s award-winning audio, offering an above-average sound experience for medium-sized devices.

The battery in this portable speaker can handle up to 18 hours of continuous playback. The two passive radiators are also present in this model, responsible for reproducing the bass with fidelity and power.

Connectivity also deserves to be highlighted, as Bluetooth 5.0 offers a fast connection without lockups. The LG Xboom Go PL5 speaker is also capable of connecting to more than 100 different devices and can be controlled by voice assistants.

Sound Boost technology, present in both models, can increase the power of the sound, expanding the sound field and adding more emotion to the songs. This feature can be activated with a simple touch on your control.



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