Meet the Linux distribution that promises to turn it into iPad


IPadOS 14 brought several new features for Apple tablets, including not only optimizations in terms of design and new features, but also native mouse support, to deliver greater productivity.

And as the saying goes, in this life “nothing is created, everything is copied”, so today we are pleased to introduce JingOS, a Linux distribution that tries to replicate the iPadOS and its features.

Developed in China, the platform allows the user to run all Linux-compatible apps with a pleasant interface and focused on touch interaction.

The ambitious project should start the distribution of the system from January 31, and by the way, the platform is already optimized to run on some devices such as the Surface 6 and Huawei Matebook 14.

The Chinese even copied the iPadOS mouse interaction, with the ability to highlight elements by turning the pointer into a real selector.

Until the end of the year, the same project should also debut for cell phones, so you can expect a ROM à la iPadOS with all the fluidity and resources coming until the end of the year.


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