Meet the gaming platform that is on the rise


Roblox has been on the market for more than a decade, but has recently gained notoriety because of its popularity and market value. The free games platform has more than 150 million monthly active users, surpassing iconic titles like Minecraft.

The number of players is not the only impressive factor in the game. The company that develops Roblox arrived on the stock market recently with a valuation of approximately US $ 40 billion, beating giants like Eletronic Arts, Take Two and Ubisoft.

Where to play Roblox?

Currently, Roblox can be downloaded and played for free on your computer, Xbox consoles, and Android and iOS phones. In addition to being free on all platforms, the game is also quite light.

According to the developer, Roblox can be installed with just 97 MB of free storage space on the computer. The hardware required for notebooks and PCs is also modest and you only need a device with 1 GB of RAM to get the platform to run.

For the mobile version, the developer recommends using a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4. In the case of Apple, Roblox works on devices with iOS 8 or higher, including iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5th generation and all the latest releases of the brand.

On all platforms, developers recommend using a 4-8 MB / s web connection. The game works best with wired internet or Wi-Fi, but it can also be used on 3G or 4G.


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