Meet the ENHYPEN and I-LAND winners


The I-LAND winners will soon debut under the name ENHYPEN, do you know who they are? The Mnet show under the name I-LAND has come to an end, leaving us with incredible memories of the formation and growth of those who dream of debuting as idols. The winners of this show are preparing to debut soon and this is all you need to know about the new idol group.

The group will debut under an alliance of Big Hit Entertainment and the company CJ E&M, will carry the name of ENHYPEN and will have 7 members.

The name ENHYPEN has a meaning of union and connection between the members, but it also refers to their growth, which will be achieved with teamwork.

The winning I-LAND contestants who will debut as part of this new idol group are Yang Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Lee Heeseung, Park Sunghoon, and Kim, Sunoo, seven boys with great talents and abilities who have already achieved conquer the fans.



If you did not follow the I-LAND show, we will tell you that the participants competed to obtain a place within the new idol group, in addition to showing their talents they also captivated the audience with their personality, so the public could vote for their favorites , thus choosing the first 6 winners.

Meanwhile, the seventh member of ENHYPEN was chosen by the I-LAND production thanks to his onstage skills and the potential he possesses to become a big star, that was Sunoo.

The debut of these guys does not have a definite date yet, but they will surely surprise us with an incredible musical release.

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