Meet the character rejected by his fans


The streaming platform Netflix has not officially reported the arrival date for the final episodes of Lucifer season 5.

The team of the infernal series has repeatedly stated that they do not know when the new episodes will be released, which keeps fans outraged.

And it is that while regular viewers are waiting for season 5B of Lucifer, they recently voted for their favorite character from the Netflix drama through the TV Show Time application.

It was not surprising that the result was the winner of the character played by Tom Ellis, with an extraordinary advantage over the rest of the cast. With no less than 2,431,607 votes, the king of darkness is far ahead of his friends and competitors.

The rest of the top 3 is Maze, with 344,228 votes while Chloe Decker (Lauren German) with 184,843 votes, falling far behind Lucifer.

If these first three places are not a surprise, nor is Lucifer’s reign less than the votes will become astonishing. Commander Pierce, played by Tom Welling in season 3 of the series, comes in ninth, behind Amenadiel, Trixie, Linda, Charlotte, and Ella. The big surprise is that Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is nowhere to be found since he received a resounding rejection from Lucifer fans, as his favorite character.


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