Meet the Amazfit Band 5 smart watch


Launched in September 2020, the Amazfit Band 5 has become a new alternative for smart watch enthusiasts who don’t want to shell out too much. In addition to monitoring your health, routine and optimizing your physical exercises, the gadget can manage and configure smart devices for bringing native support to Alexa.

The new accessory features the same 1.1 ” AMOLED display with 126×294 resolution as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smart bracelet – which is not surprising since both are manufactured by Huami.

Amazfit brings all the basic resources to observe your health and optimize physical exercises expected from a smartband that seeks cost-benefit with: monitoring menstrual cycles, statistics and recommendations to improve your sleep and stress and 11 sports modes to encourage the user to improve performance in several different types of exercises. Datafication of your sleep can happen during any part of the day, including naps after lunch.

Like most gadgets in the category, Amazfit can also connect to your phone to share statistics and control the camera, messages and music.

The technical specifications state that Amazfit has autonomy of up to 15 days with a 125 mAh battery. The bracelet is also waterproof, withstanding up to 5 ATM, an amount normally indicated for quick contact with water, such as in showers or swimming in the shallows.

News that break the barrier between smartwatch and smartband

Amazfit Band 5 is good for those who want to have more control over their smart devices. Alexa’s integration in the clock allows it to operate lights, speakers, air conditioners … basically everything that would normally be managed by an Echo Dot.

The voice command, in addition to bringing more practicality to be received in a wearable device, makes the Amazift Band 5 a very attractive product for people with mobility difficulties.

Until the publication of this article, there was no update with support for Alexa with Brazilian Portuguese in the Zepp application, which is used to connect the smartphone to the smartwatch. The commands normally used with Alexa are simple and do not require a thorough knowledge of the English language; but, if you are not comfortable, wait for new information from Amazfit before purchasing the product.

In addition to the darling Alexa, the new oximeter is perhaps the biggest attraction for those who were disappointed with the global version of Mi Band 5. Sensors on the watch are able to measure and analyze the oxygen level in the user’s blood.

In December 2020, Amazfit Band 5 was approved by Anatel and can now be acquired in Brazil.


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