Meet the 12 Year Old South Korean Trader


The 12-year-old trader named Kwon Joon wants to be the Warren Buffett of the future. The small investor made 43% profit from the trades he made.

Buying and selling stocks is a hobby for Kwon Joon. The 12-year-old trader insisted on his mother to open an investment account with $ 22,400 in April 2020. At that time, South Korea’s KOSPI index was preparing to recover from the decline it saw. Kwon said he really wanted to convince his family of this because he believed the words of an investment expert he watched on TV that said “this opportunity will never come again.”

Taking Warren Buffett’s example

Kwon, who wants to be the Buffett of the future, prefers long-term investment and believes it can raise its investments even more. Kwon’s investment goal varies between 10-20 years.

Questioning her work and school life in the face of her son’s situation, Lee Eun-joo said, “Now we live in a completely different world. I wonder how important a diploma is in an age like this. ” said. Lee Eun-joo wants her son to go into business.

Aware of the challenges of getting a job, Kwon said, “I would rather be a big investor than go to good schools like Seoul National University.” said. While expressing his desire to become an investor, Kwon does not neglect to emphasize that he also wants to do charity work.

In big companies

Kwon, who could not attend school and stayed at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, prepared a wish list to evaluate the purchases he made during the corrections seen in the market. Kwon added what he wanted to buy, and wrote big companies such as messaging app Kakao, Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor to the list.

South Korean youth struggling to find work

South Korean researcher Min Sook-weon said there was not enough employment for college graduates. Unable to find a job, South Korean youth are forced to diversify their career goals. The success of 12-year-old Kwon has also become a symbol of youth unemployment.


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