Meet Seo Ji Yeon, the inspiring story of RM’s cousin


Namjoon, leader of BTS has managed to achieve his dreams by inspiring others not to leave their goals, maybe that gift runs in the family. Learn the story of Seo Ji Yeon, the rapper’s cousin, who is a famous MMA fighter.

RM is a person who has touched the hearts of thousands of people, the music he creates can move the most sensitive fibers of ARMY. He along with his colleagues from BTS have managed to be one of the most influential bands in the world.

The family of rappers and singers always support them in their projects. RM has the unconditional love of his cousin, Seo Ji Yeon, a young martial arts athlete who is known to her fans as ‘Honey Bee’.

ARMY has spoken of the great resemblance between both family members, some of their features are similar and their smile expresses a great love for life. Seo Ji Yeon is smaller in age than Namjoon, so there is a tender relationship between them.

At first, Seo Ji Yeon did not want to reveal that her cousin was RM, in an interview she stated that she was not sure to share that she was related to the Bangtan Boys idol since he is very famous.


Seo Ji Yeon started coaching sports since she was in elementary school, her sense of competition made her gradually perfect her skills in different disciplines, in which she excelled in school.

After experimenting with different sports, she found one that she was perfectly comfortable with, that’s how she got started in the world of mixed martial arts. Seo Ji Yeon was imagining her path as a star in the ring and prepared to show her best, over the years she managed to consolidate her career as an MMA fighter.

MMA or mixed martial arts is a mixture of different combat sports that are complemented with self-defense blows, it is a discipline that requires a lot of physical resistance and long hours of training.

RM’s cousin managed to debut in the ring after 2 months of arduous preparations for her first match and now has more than 12 fights on her list of achievements, with more wins than losses. The athlete has managed to be the winner of the flyweight category at the URRC.

On different occasions, Namjoon’s family member from the Bangtan Boys has shown her love for her cousin’s band and has posted pictures of her with her autographed albums by all the members of the K-pop group.

Seo Ji Yeon’s career will continue to give her great records and triumphs, as the young MMA star continues to dream of goals that she wants to achieve over time, always with the love of her family and of course, that of BTS’s RM.

If you want to know more about the relatives of the Korean pop idols, we invite you to visit: BTS, we introduce you to the relatives of the boys.


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