Meet the sculpture of Suga inspired by Daechwita’s MV


Meet the sculpture of Suga inspired by Daechwita’s MV. A month ago, Suga surprised fans with the release of “Agust D 2”.

Suga was highly successful with the release of “Agust D 2”, whose lead single, “Daechwita” , inspires the creation of miniature sculptures of the idol.

The BTS rapper surprised ARMY with his new mixtape, showing a dark and raw facet about the things Suga thinks, he also reached the top of the charts and to celebrate its premiere, a fan made a replica of the idol in MV.

They say that patience is a virtue and this fan verified it, known as the Soul Brush , the artist shared on YouTube a video where she presumes the sculpture she made of “Agust D”, personified as the king of “Daechwita”.

The sculpture took 1 month and he worked night and day to create it. In order to make the replica, she used a 3D printer, which she had to carve to give it a better finish.

After having the base, the artist had to paint every detail of the figure by hand, taking care from the color, the accessories that she wore in the scenes of the MV, the scar, among other things.

The creator even used small imitation jewelry for the rapper’s earrings, in addition, she drew a scroll to accompany the figure, she also put necklaces and the bow that she wears around his head. Without a doubt, a great imitation.

In addition, on social networks, ARMY celebrated the mesversario of “Agust D” , sharing various messages of congratulations and support despite the controversy against him.

“Daechwita” not only inspires artists, remember that the Minister of Culture also appreciated his push for traditional Korean music by using instruments from the country.


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