Meet Me @ The Altar Announced The Debut Album “Past // Present // Future”


Meet Me @ The Altar have announced their debut album “Past//Present//Future” — find out all the details about the LP below.

Previously, the punk trio stated that the record will be released in 2022, but now it will be released on March 10.

The record, which will follow the EP “Model Citizen” 2021, was announced by the band on the hot spot The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where they also performed the new single “Say It (To My Face)”.

About the album, the band said, “The things we keep from our past tell us who we are now and where we can go.”

“This album pays homage to the music we loved as children, and at the same time reflects our modern life, sounds and experiences — we can’t wait to share the past/present/future with the world.”

Check out Colbert’s performance and the album announcement below, as well as the track list of “Past// Present//Future” covers.

1. ‘Say It (To My Face)’
2. ‘Try’
3. ‘Kool’
4. ‘TMI’
5. ‘Same Language’
6. ‘A Few Tomorrows’
7. ‘Need Me’
8. ‘It’s Over For Me’
9. ‘Thx 4 Nothin’’
10. ‘Rocket Science’
11. ‘King Of Everything’

Recently, Meet Me @ The Altar announced that their debut album is dedicated to Pink, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato.

On Twitter, vocalist Edith Johnson wrote that with the recording, the band returns “radio rock of the 2000s”.

“I can’t wait to share this album with you. We’re bringing back radio rock. Rock on the air,” she wrote. “Demi, Avril and Pink, this is for you. Bring back the radio rock of the 2000s! It’s good rock shit. Don’t worry, [email protected] is on it.”

“Model Citizen” was originally released in August 2021. In a four—star review of the “Model Citizen” EP, NME wrote: Kelly and Olivia Rodrigo – but with “Model Citizen” Meet Me @ The Altar prove that there is nothing better than rocking with their best friends and facing the burden they need so much as young fans, the weight on their shoulders it would be too heavy to carry them.”


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