1 of 10 After his relationship with Cheryl Cole, Liam has given his heart to Maya Henry, a 19-year-old model with whom it is rumored that he has been dating for a few months.

2 of 10 They even shared costume themes on Halloween! Can anyone beat these Catwoman and Batman?

3 out of 10 Maya is from Texas (United States) and, despite having a promising career as a model ahead, she has become a celebrity on social media.

4 of 10 His commitment to modeling has led him to pose for popular international magazines such as Elle, Glamor and Vogue.

5 of 10 But the reason that Henry rose to fame was for that well-known and multimillion dollar party that his father organized to celebrate his 15 years. Even Pitbull and Nick Jonas performed live. They even premiered a reality show on YouTube about their life titled Hangin ‘With The Henrys.

6 of 10 And his father is a well-known lawyer from Texas, who is also associated with an enormous economic wealth.

7 of 10 Maybe your face is familiar to you, and that is that Maya has participated in the Old Town Road video clip of Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X. What you read!

8 of 10 The truth is that Maya is considered a philanthropist. There have been several occasions in which he has shared his participation in various non-profit organizations, and even raised more than $ 100,000. Maya decided to create her own foundation named Maya’s Corner, aimed at causes related to children, animals, education and poverty.

9 of 10 According to Your Tango, Maya met the One Direction guys in a meet and greet when she was 15 years old. “We talked about how he played tennis. On the stage, (Liam) looked at me and made me a tennis move. I met him again more times in Buffalo and Dallas and he remembered that he played tennis and made a gesture again on stage, “explains the young woman.

10 out of 10 “It keeps me calm with a lot of things that I’m usually not comfortable with. There’s never a lack of confidence. It’s about having someone to hang out with, who you never feel pressured to fill the silence. Everything what surrounds me is very intense right now and she brings me calm. ” With these beautiful words collected by MTV, Liam described his girl, of which we do not doubt that he is madly in love.


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