Meet Marvel’s new “ghost ronin”, the only ghost rider without a car


Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers #58!

Marvel’s Ghost Rider is known for working for the devil and punishing those who hurt the souls of the innocent, but fans know him by his signature vehicles. Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, was a daredevil stuntman driving a hellish motorcycle, and the cars that the latest versions of the superhero rode have become even more diverse in recent years. But the new Rider introduced in Avengers #58 has absolutely no vehicle because he doesn’t need one.

In the current Marvel Comics continuity, the villain Mephisto is finally implementing his plan, first introduced in the Heroes Reborn 2021 crossover. Having contacted his numerous variants from different universes, the Prince of Darkness plans to use the power of the infinite Mephistos to capture all realities at the same time. To stop this, the Avengers travel through the Multiverse, encountering variants of themselves, including a hybrid of Captain America and Doctor Strange, Jane Foster trapped in an illusion with a pet Thor, and a universe containing the most mysterious variant of all: the Samurai. Ghost rider, ghost ronin.

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In Avengers #58, written by Jason Aaron with art by Javier Garron, Captain America and Nighthawk (a fake Batman from DC) find themselves in another universe in search of the Ghostly Ronin. Unfortunately, the Ghostly Ronin is significantly more secretive than any of the superheroes, and finds them instead. The ghostly Ronin attacks the biker gangs sent into the past by Mephistos from the multiverse, and deals with them with his paired katanas, helping the two Avengers and instantly disappearing right after that. “How exactly is he a Ghost Rider if he doesn’t drive anything?” asks Namor’s neighbor. “He rides on the night itself,” the Echo replies. — And he’s nearby.

This ghostly Ronin has the same abilities as the 616 Ghost Riders: Spirit of Retribution. Riding at night by itself certainly allows this rider to use force unlike any other rider before him, but perhaps this limits his options during the daytime. He also apparently had experience fighting Mephisto’s minions, or at least demonic beings from his own universe. When the submariner Namor and Echo, who wields the Power of the Phoenix, encounter a ship full of hell spawn, the ghostly ronin destroys it by simply walking up to the ship (stepping on the water) and cutting it in half with one swing of his sword. Mephisto’s minions instantly sink to the bottom of the sea.

Incredibly powerful and completely mysterious, this ghostly Ronin clearly has abilities that are not available Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes. It seems that there are no other heroes in his universe who fight with him, so he fights completely alone. This Japanese Ghost Rider is a man of few words, but he makes them count; he warns the Nighthawk, who wishes him to rest one day, only says: “The real Ronin goes for wisdom while it is required.”


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