Meet Kim Geong Min, the luckiest BTS fan in the world


Meet Kim Geong Min, the luckiest BTS fan in the world. This girl holds the position as the ‘ARMY’ with more luck. Kim Geong Min is an ARMY very close to the boys of BTS .

The members of BTS are usually very reserved on the family issue , sometimes idols have revealed some information about their parents, siblings or friends at really important moments in their lives.

Kim Geong Min is a faithful follower of BTS’s career and she is fortunate to be close members of the Big Hit Entertainment gang as something very powerful unites her to the leader of the group.

Kim Geong Min is Kim Namjoon’s younger sister , it is speculated that she was born in 1997 , the rapper is very fatherly to her, they have an incredible relationship and Geong Min has always supported the famous idol in his dreams .

In the June 13 broadcast of the radio program ‘DJ Suga’s Honey FM’ , all the boys from BTS celebrated their seventh anniversary , and RM took the moment to send his sincere congratulations to his younger sister on her birthday .

BTS members were thrilled to learn that Geong Min was celebrating another year of life, the members sent some congratulations and talked about the coincidence of dates in RM’s life.

The July 13 is not only an important day in the career of BTS , is also the celebration of the birth of Kim Geong Min . RM’s younger sister is a huge fan of BTS music work , so in addition to celebrating the band’s accomplishments , it also commemorates their birth day.

Another BTS idol who is very close to his sister is J-Hope, the idol prepared a very special gift for his parents, the Jung brothers decided to honor their parents for all the support they have given them.


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