Meet K / DA, the virtual K-pop girl group


The girl group K / DA is made up of 4 virtual members, who have become a K-pop phenomenon. The virtual idols belong to the famous video game League of Legends, learn about its history and upcoming activities.

Technology grows by leaps and bounds, every day there are more surprises and advances that little by little have changed the vision of the world and you may think that technological advances have nothing to do with music, but K / DA will show you that it is not So.

K / DA is a virtual K-pop group created by the company Riot Games, owners of the popular video game League of Legends, the members of the group belong to this fantastic world of online battles and competitions.

The girl group is made up of 4 members Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Ahri and Akali, who debuted in November 2018 with the song ‘POP / STARS’, the voices of the characters of the group were recorded by different artists.

Some of the singers and rappers who have lent their voices for the K / DA project have been: Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, Bea Miller, Wolftyla, and Miyeon and Soyeon from (G) I-DLE, company group Cube Entertainment.

The group’s debut video has more than 300 million views on the YouTube platform, while the first performance of ‘POP / STARS’ live at League of Legends World Championship 2018 has 42 million views, becoming one of the groups. of Korean pop that has given much to talk about due to its concept and music.


K / DA premiered the song ‘THE BADDEST’ on August 27, 2020, the track belongs to the EP ‘All Out’, which will be released on November 6 of this year on different digital platforms and will feature the participation of Seraphine, a new character from the League of Legends universe.

Some promotional images of the EP have already been revealed and in them the members of the group are appreciated with striking looks in black and blue that highlight the personality of each one of them.

In September 2020, Riot Games announced the pre-sale of the official lightstick for singers and rappers, revealing that BLADES, the official name of their fans, could now acquire the official merchandise.

The virtual K-pop group has a large impressive fanbase, its impact can be seen in different social networks, where they accumulate millions of followers. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or a kpoper, the style of the 4 K / DA girls will completely catch you.

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