Meet the AKG N400, Samsung phone that promises to surpass the Galaxy Buds +


AKG N400 is a Bluetooth headset of the brand, which belongs to Samsung. The design of the product resembles the accessories of the South Korean giant, Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +, and the model arrives to be an even more premium option. Among the features present on the device, there are two features expected in Samsung earbuds, but which ended up being for later: active noise cancellation and water resistance. The AKG model is on sale in South Korea for around US $ 190, equivalent to R $ 973 in direct conversion, a value that represents about 30% more than the price of Buds + in the Asian country. For now, the product is not expected to arrive in Brazil.

From the design point of view, AKG headphones resemble Samsung accessories. The format itself is similar, and there is a rubber strap that adjusts the earbud to the user’s ear, like the Galaxy line models. The charger case also refers to the device a lot.

The differences are in the functionalities. In addition to active noise cancellation and protection against water, AKG’s N400s are down for autonomy. Altogether, there are six hours in the headphones and six more in the case, while Buds + appears with 22 hours of playback in total.

In terms of sound, the N400 promises Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity entitled to support the SBC and AAC codecs, which promise high fidelity sound with low latency. There are built-in microphones to make phone calls and interact with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, or even Bixby on Samsung phones. In addition, it is possible to configure and personalize the device through an AKG application. Like the Galaxy phones, the user can change the behavior of the touch controls and also the operation of noise cancellation.