Meet the adorable brothers of BTS members


Meet the adorable brothers of BTS members. Big Hit boys always keep in mind the people they love.

On multiple occasions, the Big Hit boys have talked a little about their family , about their dynamics, how they admire their parents and the support they gave them at the beginning of their career.

Although much has been speculated about the relatives of RM, V, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook, it is clear that none of them are an only child , they all have super important people that they can count on.

In some cases roles are reversed, as the members more large of age , they get to be more small of your blood, and those who are younger in the group, at home they are older . Curious, isn’t it?

Today we tell you how many and in what number of brother is each member of BTS :

The BTS rapper has an older brother , many fans know him because they go to the idol’s hometown, go to the family restaurant and comment that he is the one who attends on some occasions.

Hobi , perhaps she is the most public relative of all the brothers of BTS members , Me Ji Woo , she is the oldest, has her own clothing store and is a successful businesswoman.

Kookie has an older brother , the roles are reversed, since being the maknae of the BTS group , it is his house that has the responsibilities of being the Hyung .

Tae has mentioned a few times he has a sister and a brother , both of whom are younger than him, he always tries to spend and spend time with them.

Nam , the concert leader of BTS has thanked his parents and younger sister for always keeping an eye on his career.

Chim Chim has a younger brother, who is always aware of what he does, is his biggest fan, who supports him and encourages him to get ahead.

It is known that Jin , has an older brother , with whom he always meets when he has time to live with his family, he has to be pampered by him.

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