Meet 5 tempting photos of Jin while singing an Epiphany


Do not miss the best images of Jin from BTS while singing the song Epiphany and that with which he is falling in love with the ARMY

It has been 7 years since the debut of BTS and they already enjoy more and more global popularity and success, but not only the songs of the BTS group are very popular, the solo songs of each member of BTS are also loved by the fans.

One of them is the song Epiphany sung by Jin, which brings to mind these 5 portraits of the presence on stage of Epiphany, which are ready to make the members of the ARMY fall in love.

It must be remembered that the greatest member of BTS, born on December 4, 1992, occupies the position of vocalist in the band, his real name is Kim Seok-jin and it is known that he is able to beat the high notes to the perfection, even the treble high note.

Top 5 images of Jin from BTS singing Epiphany

Not only is his voice melodious, Jin also has beautiful visual effects. In fact, he was named the most handsome man in the world by King Choice.

The song Epiphany itself talks about the greatest member of BTS, who finally realizes who he should love, which is none other than himself, so through this song, Jin managed to invite ARMY to love each other and get to know themselves more.

Jin’s appearance every time he utters the song Epiphany has always managed to hypnotize the audience, singing while playing the piano, Jin’s performance is guaranteed to surprise the entire audience.

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Along with his deep appreciation, Jin’s performance will touch the hearts of all the viewers, especially if Jin’s forehead is perfected, ARMY will automatically disappear from excitement.

This 179cm tall Sagittarius idol never stops looking dazzling and that’s why conquer with these 5 portraits while singing the song Epiphany.


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