Meet 10 strange movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video


For those who got tired of the ordinary, including films with linear narratives and explanations for all plots, we made a list of strange films. That’s right, those weird movies that make us question what we’re seeing!

They are different stories from the ones we get used to, but beautiful, intelligent and impactful. Oh, and all the movies are available on Amazon Prime Video!

10. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Andrew Bagby was shot dead by his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Andrew’s parents fought for custody of their grandson and for the conviction of their son’s murderer, which happened. This film was made by filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, Andrew’s friend, so that his son could meet him. Great biographical documentary.

9. Copenhagen

After weeks of traveling around Europe, William, an immature man, meets a young Danish woman in Copenhagen, his father’s hometown. The young woman’s exuberance challenges him and the two go in search of the boy’s grandfather.

8. Climax (Climax)

A group of French dancers from the 1990s get together in a former isolated boarding school for an important rehearsal. During a celebration party in the evening, they realize that the joy changes to a mind-boggling nightmare after the drink has been “christened” with LSD.

7. Thunder Road

Great independent film, with good script and very funny. Thunder Road is about grief and loss. A policeman sees his life turned upside down after his mother’s divorce and death. Written, directed and starring Jim Cummings, it is a remarkable film that makes a totally different reading of these theoretically heavy themes.

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6. Midsommar (Midsommar: The Ritual)

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Dani goes with her boyfriend Christian and a group of friends to Sweden to participate in a local summer festival. But instead of the peaceful vacation everyone dreamed of, the group is faced with bizarre rituals of pagan worship.

5. The Lighthouse

Beautiful film in black and white, which tells the story of a caretaker (Robert Pattinson) who arrives on a remote New England island in the 19th century to help the local lighthouse keeper (Willem Dafoe) in an environment of secrets and mysteries.

4. Eight Grade (Eighth Grade)

Kayla, an introverted girl, tries to survive the last week of her terrible eighth grade before entering high school with her load of changes, responsibilities and disturbing bodily changes from adolescence.

3. Samsara

Documentary of the Mundo-Cão type, filmed for five years in 25 countries on five continents in a 70 mm film, which guarantees excellent image quality. Samsara is a journey of images and music (without narrative) through natural landscapes, sacred sites and disaster zones in different worlds.

2. The Handmaiden (The Maid)

During the Japanese occupation of South Korea in the 1930s, the young Sookee joins a swindler to deal a blow to his mistress Hideko, who leads a lonely life with her uncle.

1. The Imposter

Documentary based on a young man named Nicholas who swears to a grieving family that his son was kidnapped at the age of 13 and tortured. But the parents don’t recognize it.


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